Simply Faithful column now available to churches

If you subscribe NOW, you can get 52 articles for just $260 or 12 for $75! Hurry! Sale ends Sept. 10.

Looking for something new to add to your weekly bulletin or monthly newsletter – without adding extra work?

Simply Faithful could be your answer.

The column, written by journalist Marketta Gregory, takes readers inside churches and communities to tell stories of faith in action. She draws readers in by writing about personal experiences, interviewing important religious figures and even reviewing books and movies with spiritual themes. She has 20 years of professional writing experience, and several of those years were spent covering religion full-time. Add to that her experience as a wife, mother and woman of faith and you get columns that are full of practical advice and that address today’s most relevant issues.

Gregory’s column has appeared in newspapers throughout the United States, and it can be included in your publications for as little as $10 a week when you purchase an annual subscription. Or, if you only need articles monthly, pay $150 for 12. (If you subscribe NOW, you can get 52 articles for just $260 or 12 for $75! Hurry! Sale ends Sept. 10.)

Articles also may be published on social media sites as long as each mention includes a link to

To subscribe to Simply Faithful, email markettagregory(at)

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