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I knew when I went to a work conference in California that I’d come back with a notebook full of ideas. What i didn’t know is what a difference it would make in my husband’s life.

Brian is a stay-at-home dad, and he home schools our boys. He has every Wednesday night off — and he has about 30 minutes to himself each night when he slips away to get something he “forgot we needed” at the grocery store. But I think we figured out that he had slept away from the boys for three or four nights in the last eight years… until he tagged along on my business trip.

That first day, I started to see a difference. By the second day, I could almost see his shoulders relaxing. And by the third day, he rattled off all the places he had visited while I was in class, and then he paused and said how glad he was to have the chance to explore and to have an adventure.

I had forgotten how fun adventure is, he said, and I think I can have more adventures at home, too

Since our plane landed back in Rochester, he has kept that promise to himself and to our family, and it has brought more joy to our weekends and to our lives.  For a couple of years now I’ve been meaning to make an ice cream passport — an excuse for us to try different ice cream places and track what we like — and this summer, with Brian’s renewed focus on joy and adventure, I finally made one for us and for you.

While I was at it, I made a passport for beaches and swimming pools and a passport for trying new parks and hiking trails. Each passport has a version that easily prints out on letter-sized paper and can be stapled together, plus a version where you cut the paper in half and then fold to make a pocket-sized notebook.

I pray this can be a season of joy and renewal for all of us. Enjoy!

Adventure passportAdventurePassportLtr









Ice cream passportIceCreamPassportLtr









Swimming passportSwimmingPassportLtr




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