What to do when you’re busy

Sometimes it isn’t the bad weeks that make my heart race – it’s the busy ones.

The late-night work events. The meeting with the higher-ups. The talk at church. The paperwork piling up at home and pushing against a deadline.

All good things. All things I wanted to do.

Still, I woke up last week feeling nervous and rushed. My drive to work came to almost a complete halt about the time I reached Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and its neighboring road construction. I drummed my fingers and tapped my foot, urging the cars ahead of me to move. I wanted to be really early for work so I could move a few things off my to-do list before my meetings even started for the day. Maybe then I could relax my shoulders a little. Maybe then I could settle in to a comfortable pace.

But instead I drove 3 mph and stopped. Then, 5 mph and stopped again across from stone crosses and angels with their wings spread protectively over graves. Some newer cemeteries don’t allow for tall statues on headstones. Some even ask that headstones be flat and easy to mow around, but I like the older style with its symbolism, with its reminders that God is with us in death.


img_0742That’s what I’m thinking while my heart and mind are speeding and my car is idling. I’m thanking God for comfort and protection – and for angels of all forms that surround us when we’re hurting and grieving. And just about the time the traffic clears, so does my mind.

If I can trust God in the worst of times, surely I can trust him in the busiest of times.

If God carried me when Daddy died, then a big meeting is nothing in comparison. If powerful angels spread their wings over us when we’re most broken, perhaps they walk alongside us when we’re just meandering outside the lines of our comfort zone.

By the time I reached the expressway, it’s my car that’s going faster and my soul that’s more at rest.


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3 thoughts on “What to do when you’re busy

  1. Beautiful, Marketta!  Remembering how God has answered our prayers reminds us of His continuing faithfulness.  “All is well, and all is well, and all manner of things shall be well.” (Julian of Norwich)  Praise God!!

    Blessings, Sybil Reisch

  2. Marketta – thank you for sending the message I NEEDED this morning. Clearly a “God wink” if ever I’ve felt one. May your day be a blessed one.