Make-your-own toddler wallet (to save yours)

I know this is not a blog about crafts, but I like to create — and I think that’s spiritual, too. So, every once in a while, I’ll share some little projects. Everyone OK with that?


Now, my youngest loves to grab my wallet out of my purse and play with the cards and the pictures. I wouldn’t mind except that his favorites seem to be my debit card and my credit card. I don’t want to lose either one of those, so I decided to give him his own wallet and fill it with fun things. (I’m also going to make play wallets for my two little nieces, so some of the things I purchased will help with those gifts, too.)

Here’s what I did:

I looked for wallets that had lots of openings for cards. I also liked wallets that had zippers and snaps so Colt could learn about those, too. I found these two for just a couple of dollars at A Second Thought Resale Shop in East Rochester, NY. (Even if you don’t live nearby you should follow them on Pinterest. They have amazing boards.)

Then, because I hoard crafting supplies, I stamped images on paper tags and envelopes. (Colt loves trains and the color red.)

Did I mention that I hoard craft supplies? I found these tucked away in a drawer and thought they might be interesting — and safe.

Next, I cleaned out my own wallet and added customer loyalty cards and empty gift cards.

I found miniature playing cards at Dollar Tree, threw in a business card-sized magnet, some wallet-sized photos and a few odds and ends.

Also, at Dollar Tree, I found a play checkbook and money. (My plan is to laminate some of the bills so they have a chance of lasting longer.)

These packs of cards are three for $1 at Dollar Tree. (I suggest laminating a few of these as well. Colt got carried away and crumpled a few while I wasn’t looking.)

He’s enjoying the wallet so far — especially the brown one that zips. My plan is to change things out every so often. Maybe add a page of stickers or smaller items as he grows.

What else would be fun to add?

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