Pow! Bang! Comic book party favors… and using what I have

For years I have been a collector of all things crafty. Pens. Stickers. Embossing tools. Rubber stamps. Paper. Paper. And more paper.

And it has become a habit to buy new supplies for each project — to be wasteful, really.

So, I’m committed to changing my ways. I’m trying to use what I already have. These favors I made for Benjamin’s 5th birthday party are an example of that. May they inspire you to do a little shopping in your craft room, too!

Here are the details:

I found these small yellow totes at Michael’s on sale for 29 cents a package — and there are three in each package. The Michael’s that I went to only had yellow and lime on sale, but if you can work with those colors…

I used this free printable to make my tags: http://onecharmingparty.com/category/wonder-woman/ (Scroll to the bottom to find it.)

And another free printable from a generous blogger for the mask template: http://www.blog529.com/2011/09/diy-batman-mask-new-batman-printables-collection/.

I used cardstock instead of felt, and I altered it slightly by using craft sticks I had on-hand instead of buying elastic. I also am slightly afraid of my sewing machine so this seemed like the best way to handle the situation.

These were a hit. I talked everyone from my teenager to his great-grandma into posing for a picture wearing a mask.

All of my boys are crazy about comic books so this year we took them to Free Comic Book Day. I used one of the free comic books to create  bookmarks and mini notebooks.

I love making bookmarks. I laminated these with those self-laminating sheets that all recovering hoarders have. You could also use clear contact paper. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that at Dollar Tree. Or, live on the edge. Don’t cover them with anything at all.

Now, I could have bought notebooks in my theme, but what would have been the fun in that? Originally I had planned to sew these. (There are a million super cute tutorials on how to do that.) However, I knew if I stapled these babies it would be faster and I’d have time to go pick flowers and cherry tomatoes at the farm. My notebooks are 3 inches by 3 inches, and I filled them with six inside pages. I used copy paper but if I had I planned better I would have recycled junk mail.

I picked up a few erasers to toss in. They were $1 a package at Target.

I bought one watercolor book from Michael’s for $1 and put a sheet in each party bag. The 10 paintbrushes were 97 cents at Walmart.

I used what I had in my craft room and spent less than 50 cents per bag on the rest. Not bad, huh?

Enjoy! Let me know (and share pictures) if any of this inspires you!

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