It’s time to choose our summer book

Will you help choose the next book for the Simply Faithful book club?

Here are four that have been recommended. Have you read any of them?

  • Swipe by Evan Angler: The first in a series about Logan Langly, who is about to turn 13 and receive the government’s mark. The mark allows him to get a job, use public transportation and experience freedom.
  • Promise Me This by Cathy Gohlke: Annie Allen loses her brother on the Titanic and her life is forever linked to the man her brother sacrificed himself to save.
  • Rooms by James L. Rubart: Micah Taylor investigates a house built for him by a great uncle he never knew, and he discovers it’s a physical manifestation of his own soul.
  • Need You Now by Beth Wiseman: Brad and Darlene Henderson move away from the big city to what they think will be a simpler life in the country, but one of their three teenagers begins to struggle and so does their marriage.

I want to find the book that everyone wants to read this summer — the book that is so good that you keep turning it over and over in your head. Is that book on this list?


Are there other novels that we need to consider? Let me know by May 15.

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