Confessions of a youngish adult who likes twangy Gospel music

In many ways I am a modern woman.

I work outside the home, and my husband stays home with the boys. I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I have an iPad.

And yet I, Marketta Gregory, listen to Southern Gospel music. Think old-fashioned hymns. Think fiddles and piano players who wear cowboy boots. That is the music of my childhood, the kind I grew up singing every Sunday and Wednesday. The kind you usually associate with people 20 years older than me.

I just can’t help myself, and now that I’ve found “Southern Gospel radio” and “traditional country hymns” on Pandora, my boys have to listen to twangy songs the whole time I’m doing dishes. I think I’ve caught the teenager cringing but the 4-year-old will sometimes sing with me: Like a tree planted by the water, we shall not be moved…

It may be different than what they’re used to, but it helps me work with a more joyful, peaceful attitude and that’s something everyone in the house appreciates.

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