The work behind the dreams

If you’ve ever been up close to a hot air balloon, you know that it takes a huge, noisy fan and a whole crew of people to start filling the envelope. By the time the flame turns on and the balloon starts to rise, there’s already been a big commitment of time and work.

But the motivational posters only show the balloons soaring, like dreams without the work. In reality, I sometimes feel caught in the first stage. The heavy task of unloading and unrolling the envelope. The switching on of the fan.

The lifting off can feel far off.

I’ve been in the basket. I’ve seen the deer and the fox from above. Heard conversations float to the sky and held tight to my husband’s hand when the ground got too far away. So, I know the lifting off does come. And I know it’s worth it. I just have to remind myself of that.

What are you working toward? Where do you find encouragement?


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